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Why Self Awareness Trumps Motivation.

September 27, 2018

Motivation works until it doesn’t…and the affect lasts for about as long as a piece of chocolate cake.


So if motivation doesn’t work, and is a temporary emotion that if relied upon sets us up for failure…what does it really take to pursue your greatness on the days when you really can’t be f&*ked?!


You, me and everybody else in life have all felt that amazing feeling of being pumped, in the zone ready to tackle that new thing.


But ask the same person 6 months later if they’re as pumped, as excited and as in the zone, as when they first started…**crickets**


Self-awareness on the other hand, allows us to better manage our mind, our external affairs and our emotions. Our bodies are a biofeedback system that is constantly feeding us with honest information. One doesn’t need to be a genius to figure out that when drinking coffee gives them a sore stomach, that perhaps coffee doesn’t mesh well with their body. Or when thinking your mind is stronger than enough sleep, your body really has the final say on how you’re going to feel throughout the day whether you like it or not.


Just as a side note the worst day of my working life was back in my early hairdressing career, where I had to do a 12-hour shift on 2 hours sleep. I think it was perhaps the most painful day of my life; that is without exaggeration. Don’t do it to yourself, set an alarm of when to go to bed, I’ve set mine for 10pm every night and I can comfortably get 6-7 hours and still wake up at 4am every morning relatively ready enough to go.


We can’t cheat our way out of self-management and more people really need to pay more attention to the intelligent information that is being sent to them via their own biofeedback.


Recreating new habits at a subconscious level that impact your normal every day operating system, where by having those non-negotiables set in place, is what will really help you to stay the course for much longer than say 8 or 12 weeks, or even 4 weeks for some people who start a new health kick. These are random numbers by the way and can vary from person to person.


Some of the inherent non-negotiables we all have in place to form part of our survival is that we sleep, eat and shower. These are basic and despite our background, use of time or career choice, we all execute on all three at some point.


The sad part is, is that so many people still haven’t included the good eating and exercise part of their survival into their daily routine, and view it as a burden on their time. Like they could be making better use of their time such as drinking, eating out, or cheating their way out of a good night’s sleep. 



And while I think society is getting better at raising awareness towards the many health benefits a regular fitness routine paired up with better eating can have, I think society still has a long way to go.


I’m not an idiot, I’m well aware that rewiring your normal operating system at a sub-conscious level, can take years. I can speak for myself that I’ve been on this self development journey for 17 years, and it took a good 5 years for me to not even think twice about my every day process, and actually really enjoy it.


We may forget that the amount of time to undo a bad habit or to reform new ones, is a battle against several other external influences and factors.


But you will need to practice getting better against the obvious failures you will face time and time again before the new habit becomes autopilot. So be patient and don’t give up when it hurts!!!


Patience is also a very undersold part of the process to any “transformation”… Most people celebrate the end before the process has even begun, and then they forget to truly be present in that process of all the ups, downs and unknowns that come with it…


Trying to transform yourself is like being self-employed; the idea of it all sounds practical and great and exciting at first, it seems easy enough on paper, and you can almost visualize what the end can look like.


What you didn’t imagine was the early starts, the late finishes, people not offering you the support you hoped, sacrificing a part of your social life and perhaps not watching as much TV as what you’re used to.


But don’t let me paint a negative picture here, as it’s far more rewarding than not, but I personally would much rather chase the feeling of endorphins, than chase the next TV show. Make no mistake though; some sacrifices will need to be made in order to have this new lifestyle work in with everything else you do in life.


 I think those sacrifices are totally worth the outcome of living he best version of yourself though!!! Screw sleepless nights, eating shit and feeling even worse, no thanks!!!


I’ll never forget partying in my early 20’s, going for brunch the morning after a massive night of dancing, not having gone home yet, smoking and drinking coffee after I’ve already dehydrated my body from the alcohol, and just sitting there at a café thinking “What am I doing to my body…” I had a ball in my 20’s but looking back, that life style really isn’t healthy at all, but hey, we’re all young once.


Or if you’re not particularly partying yet you’re not making a conscious effort to get off your ass and put yourself first, well maybe it’s time you did…


But to make it work effectively with your available time and current commitments, schedules work extremely well for knowing how to execute on your daily tasks…


Do this for 90 days, write down at the end of each day how you feel and eventually you will create new habits, understand the emotions that go with it, and see yourself trying to balance out the rest of your life way more effectively.


We are not born with great time management skills, and that’s why having tools and strategies in place to make us more aware of any potential set backs, schedules are priceless when getting stuff done.


And sometimes you just need to have those honest conversations with yourself and if weightloss is an issue for you yet you’re eating Sausages from Bunning’s because its convenient and sucking down grog 4-5 days a week, well there’s your problem champ.


One doesn’t need to be a genius to acknowledge that laziness gets your no where fast…


I can speak from experience that lack of sleep (anything less than 5 hours) leads to all sorts of problems. Moodiness, a craving for more sweets, raised stress hormone response, elevated heart rate and so on… What do you think happens when you can’t control your hunger? You eat everything in sight because the body wants more energy, yet all it really needs is more sleep…


Imagine what your life could really look like if you planned everything a little bit better, when to eat, when to go to bed, what you watched, what you read…


Let me know!!!


Thanks for reading :)



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